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So as a result of being the cutest thing to ever grace the earth, one of my closest friends has had contact from a baby modelling agency asking if his daughter Eva would be able to do some modelling for them. They needed some shots doing for her portfolio and i was more than happy to oblige.

Eva's mom Amy has been running a Mother/baby blog since last year with Eva, naturally, being the star attraction. It wasn't long before Eva was spotted by an agency and Amy was asked to send in a portfolio. We stuck to natural lighting and surroundings for the shoot as it fitted with the theme of Amy's blog more. Eva was an absolute delight to photograph, a total natural. Possibly the happiest baby i have ever known.

So if you are some kind of hot shot modelling agent and wanna make yourself millions then you can contact Amy via her Facebook page here... 'The Mummy Journey Facebook Page' or you can read Amy's blog here... 'The Mummy Journey Blog'

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