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About Me...

I have been taking photographs now for many years. I started out photographing bands using the 35mm film format but slowly and reluctantly evolved in to the digital era. I still however use a combination of new and old techniques mainly modern DSLRs but i do still use my 35mm film and my darkroom for printing and developing when required.

I specialise in....

Portrait photography: Using the studio or in a more natural setting. I offer my services as a portrait photographer and work with you in order to achieve the look you want. Wether its fashion, family, business portraits, editorial shoots or modelling shoots or maybe just something for your yourself or a loved one. Check out my Portrait photography HERE.

Food photography: Having worked as a chef for many years to a reasonably high standard, food is something i know and understand well. I understand the importance of making food look delicious, fresh and appetising to the eye. Hopefully this is my point of difference as a food photographer. I prefer to shoot on location but do have a studio available and i also have a ZERO waste policy while shooting. Have a look at my food photography portfolio HERE.

Documentary/Street/Architecture: Before reaching the point of actually earning money from my trade, i, as most photographers do, spent a lot of time out on the streets trying to perfect what i do. This has evolved into a rougher and more edgy style of street and documentary photography. Perfect for telling stories and capturing moments. To see examples of this have a look at my portfolio HERE.







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